Beach to Branxholme


It is said that a change is as good as holiday and that is certainly true for this family. Chris and Kathy Darge and their four teenage children have exchanged the beach and sand in Sydney for farm life in Branxholme.

“It was actually our kids that prompted the move,” mentions Chris. “We spent the Christmas holidays here visiting friends and our children wanted to stay.”

Chris, a Business Entrepreneur, manages a Technology Company and Business Consultancy practise. He believes this region is a great place to do business.

Chris has established an office in Hamilton and employed several people. “There are plenty of opportunities here. Every day I meet enthusiastic people with innovative ideas.”

For Kathy, she now enjoys more time with the family and the slower life pace.

Kathy worked in administration and accounts but now finds time for growing vegetables and raising chickens. Her experience so far is that “people here are very friendly and we feel really welcome. The schools are great and the town has everything we need”.

One important aspect of life in Hamilton that the Darge family have embraced is the community spirit. They have already joined several groups including the CFA, school committee, progress association and arts groups.

“We are really impressed at how proud people are of their community and how so many volunteer and get involved,” Chris said.

Since moving the Darge family have hosted several of their city friends on the farm. “Our friends get really jealous,” says Kathy. “Everyone wishes they could so the same and make the tree change. Well they can!”

When asked about what the future holds Chris and Kathy say there is no going back. They are excited about starting another enterprise and hope to create employment and bring more investment into the community.

Chris has started Hamilton IT to provide businesses with technology support and website development. He is also available for professional business consultation and advice. You can write to him at

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